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Detail of a construction drawing

NOVA Design Engineering

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Support matters, Passion to create, we are the key to support your Development Department, your Engineering Department, Purchasing, etc.

Creating new ideas, support for constructions, Engineering, improve quality, sourcing new suppliers in China. These are all ingredients to support your Company. From design till shipment, small projects, construction work  or outsourcing only, we offer you a taylor made solution.

NOVA Design Engineering was established in 2007, a company dedicating to providing clients with professional solutions to industrial design of new products, enhancing the value of products by the most economical investment and turning the solutions into the "keys" in practice.

We have clients covering the various areas such as baby products, household electric appliances, personal care products and industrial equipment etc. No matter for a newly-emerged enterprise, an enterprise run by nongovernmental/a private enterprise or for an ambitious multinational company, the key to the success is not lying on the current profit or scale but on innovative resolutions and high efficient cooperation, in which we are always pursuing the goal of creating benefits for clients, assisting our enterprise in adding substantial values and surpassing our competitors.



Mechanical engineering: 

NOVA DEsign Engineerings freelance mechanical design Engineers use computer-based tools & physical rigs to create, simulate, validate and develop functional designs.

25 years experiences in materials, structures & mechanism development in manufacturing & consultancy helps NOVA Design Engineerings team deliver safe, elegant & practical engineering design solutions.

Structured risk analysis computer aided product design & team-based evaluations are used to assist engineering development.