Advise in all areas of domestic appliances, personal care product, Baby products, Industrial Engineering all over the world.
We offer our customers extensive knowledge in mechanical product development, including concept development 
and detailed engineering (products or components). 
Nowadays we are capable of executing end-to-end projects which cover our entire service portfolio, especially in the field of complex plastic products.

We support our customers in the start-up of production. We have the rigth product knowledge and management capability to ensure a smooth transition of the developed products into the production phase.
We understand the importance of optimising both quality and costs. We work directly with production suppliers in China to ensure this will happen.

NOVA Design Engineering is not a manufacturer, but we have partners which have the knowledge and means to produce prototypes, small-scale series of plastic injection moulding products. This can be used for design validation, safeguarding the launch date, by means of a pilot run and commercial models.

Mechanical Engineering:
Development of new products and /or constructions
Constructions for domestic appliances, such as: mechanical constructions, PCB, LCD, sensor, switches, LED etc.
Support suppliers in China, concerning improve of product quality, way of working, cost saving
Materials and production technologies optimised
NOVA Design Engineerings freelance mechanical design engineers use computer-based tools & physical rigs to create, simulate, validate and develop functional designs.
20 years experiences in materials, structures & mechanism development in manufacturing & consultancy helps NOVA Design Engineerings team deliver safe, elegant & practical engineering design solutions.
Structured risk analysis computer aided product design & team-based evaluations are used to assist engineering development.

Product design, industrial product design, in cooperation with NOVA Products, located in The Netherlands:
New products
Derivide products